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There is such a thing, widely publicized in the 60s and still pops up in American publications Diet: so-called "food pyramid." It defines what foods to consume in public relations. This is a best online store of legal anabolic steroids. So, at the base of the pyramid is usually placed ... bread and cereals! Allegedly, they can be eaten in large quantities, almost without restrictions (in different versions in different ways, but on average 6-11 servings per day), and will be healthy. Remember what I wrote in the chapter about carbohydrates? Just follow the "food pyramid", you can become ugly fat.

Important help for your workout efforts is the anabolic steroids. At the same time, all fats are strictly limited indiscriminately: and plant and animal. However, it is proved that the relatively vysokozhirnoy diet can maintain the normal figure. Combining fat in one group with sweets containing high glycemic carbs is also not justified.

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As consumption proteins, as well as fat, were mixed in a heap on without separation plant and animal. Recommend 2 to 4 portions of each group of products per day. Of course, foods rich in proteins, and can contain a sufficient amount of fat. Success for you, when search for steroids online. In addition, for example, fish and nuts, unsaturated fats, and milk and meat - saturated. It is not necessary so strongly to equate the nutritional value of meat, milk and pulses, as they differ sharply.

Perhaps the only sensible idea in this squalid building - the need to consume enough vegetables (3-5 servings) and vegetables (2-4 servings per day). The rest of the "pyramid" does not correspond to scientific concepts about healthy eating

Health of people who buy anabolic steroids is important for us. Here is another example of the fact that none of the most authoritative guidance on nutrition should not be taken literally. It is necessary to select the type of diet so that it is first and foremost meet the needs of your body, taking into account, of course, other factors.

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In order to adequately build your diet, you should evaluate the energy consumption of energy in all three components (see chap. 3, sect "calories"). Dont you know where is the best prices for legal anabolic steroids?

First of all, you need to cover the energy requirement to provide vital processes - the main exchange. This requirement is approximately in people aged 18-30 years, about 0.9 calories per kilogram of body weight per hour for women and 1 calorie - for men. For example, if you - a woman and weigh 70 kg, you will need a day 70h0,9h24 hours = 1512 calories. For active BMR is higher - up to 1.4-1.6 calories per kilogram body weight per hour as exercise sharply enhance flow and carbohydrate metabolism of proteins in muscle tissue. Wide range of anabolic steroids is our web store speciality. Some experts give the following scheme: calories with low activity - 1.4 base; with the average - 1.7; at large - 2. In my opinion, these recommendations make sense only for ectomorphs during intensive muscle building.

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